Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)

DEIB is not an event to us, it is a journey. Our DEIB offering is tailor made for the organisations we amplify in the corporate and education space. We spear-head innovate processes that epitomise leading social justice solutions for all, while appreciating social dynamics. We believe communities that are deliberate about diversity and equitable environments lead to productive, conducive and desirable individuals capable of creating spaces where we all belong. In this process it is essential no people are not left behind and that they are part of decision making processes of their redifing journey.

Our Pillars



We fully understand the status quo within the teams in the institute which are barriers to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. We determine the key factors to creating an equity-minded communities.

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Our interventions will help you will shine a light on beliefs that need abandoning and adopt new ones to capacitate you to thrive through awareness and understanding. You will be capacitated through the latest researching and benchmarking tools/ DEIB becomes part of the moral fibre of the organisation.

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Through critical social justice approaches we inspire you to innovate the future you see and make it actionable, fully embed into the fibre of your institution and flexible enough for unpredictable social diversity. Creating ownership of the process, not just policies, Championing transformation for every individual, not just an institution, is our focus.

Our DEIB Services


Through live status quo analysis and an academically developed online assessment all stakeholders can confidently indicate where inclusion can be harnessed, guiding us on areas your DEIB solutions should target. It further shows disability complexities and measures understanding, biases and gaps in the institution.

Nunnovation Africa Foundation Pre-assessment
Nunnovation Africa Foundation Training


Enlightening teams through disability sensitisation workshops and a management focused DEIB courses.

Our disability sensitisation e-book empowers individuals with knowledge that cuts through people’s ignorances and arms them with tools to live with more awareness regarding ableism.

Through our training you begin to see the benefits of achieving the three E’s; Evaluate, Enlighten, Embedership case. Our DEIB Management course lays the foundation to guide leadership to on implementation.


Applying solutions influenced by feedback from both the online assessments and the live status quo analysis, of company policies and plans to integrate DEIB influenced solutions into the fibre of its processes. We look at Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging from the roots of organisation well-being. This provides a look at the importance of going beyond the adoption of DEI practices by acknowledging systemic racism, ableism, gender disparities in order to implement processes that eliminate them in policies across the board.

Nunnovation Africa Foundation Mainstreaming
Nunnovation Africa Foundation Consulting


From mainstreaming we assist you in managing the transformation and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the DEIB systems through change management. Our unique approach to consulting is strategic coaching in the the transforming journey, for both leadership and team’s perspective.