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Our team has over 10 years’ experience in both the public and private sector at difference levels. With the growing need to create sustainable broad based enterprise development, there is a need for critical sub sector analysis to unlock the value of an organization.

The foundation offers an independent, objective and unrestricted evaluation of management activities for purposes of providing an unbiased opinion. The approach emphasizes understanding the entity (i.e., the organization or business being evaluated) and its environment (i.e. industry), and then assessing the business risks faced by the entity and how management controls those risks. This unique and innovative approach has been developed in response to changing market dynamics.

The foundation undertakes each engagement based on the specific needs of the prospective client. The basis of engagement may take be expressed in different forms, either for independent reviews, agreed upon subject matter, critical evaluation or for purposes of provision of sector based intelligence

This needs a hands on team that can offer value from start of engagement to the end. Couple this with passion for service delivery and the determination to advance the interests of the client our team is geared to take your organization forward.

To make a significant contribution to the development of the African continent and its people by promoting innovation, technology and emerging industries through strategic and sustainable information resources.

NAF delivers on its mandate through various media platforms and partnerships nationally and internationally by capacitating vulnerable communities with critical thinking and technical skills, enhancing young people’s ability to secure employment and venture in sustainable entrepreneurship activities and training. It further uses its integrated platforms to enable African innovations to reach the market.

The Foundation is passionate about providing industry specific and inclusive innovation skills through regional collaborations. This knowledge and skills drive create a platform for regional integration of shared innovation skills sets and experiences.

The NunnoEmpowerment is a human capacity development platform which focuses on development of new enterprises and up-skilling of innovators to add value to the continent. The empowerment interventions are key drivers supporting the facilitation and promotion of innovation in the key sectors identified, through the following streams:

  • Training and Development
  • Work Experiential Learning
  • Enterprise Development
  • International Study Tours